Meshna Master Pack 2018 Lightroom Presets

Meshna Master Pack 2018 Lightroom Presets


My Master Pack of presets includes 8 of my premium presets that are compatible with all versions of Lightroom (including the Lightroom Mobile App), along with Camera RAW.

Like with most presets, some small adjustments may be needed on the Exposure, Contrast, Temperature, and Tint. I have included three of each preset with 1 stop of exposure difference between each to use based on the exposure of your original image. For example, “Lisboa +1” will increase the exposure by +1.0 and “Lisboa -1” will decrease the exposure by -1.0.

If the coloring looks off or weird, you can change the White Balance in the dropdown to “auto” or adjust the temperature and tint adjustments manually.

Presets always work better on images that are shot in “RAW”. A JPG is a compressed image, so you won’t get all of the color and detail from a JPG like you would a “RAW” image.

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